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Real Estate Financing in English:

Financing of new or existing objects - apartments or houses, interim financing of landscapes for new buildings
including state support like KfW funds for Expatriates.

A lot of people who are interested in real estate financing are Expatriates of foreign countries, working in international companies, very often in the IT business. They speak most time English at work. Often they have already financed an object in their home country in the past. Now they come to Germany: How does financing work, how do I find the right object, what kind of object fit for me, what is the right price and  a lot of other questions.

These Expatriates very often already speak German, have their B1 certificate, most time the permanent residentship. However, they prefer discussing their financing and everything around their object in English, since they feel more comfortable in Englisch than in German.

Another problem is very often that banks and financing partners do not offer and accept credit agreement in another language, for liability reasons. So a sparring partner on their side might help to bring them successful through the process to their own object.

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Am I completely bound with long interest rate commitments?

With real estate financing, it is common to secure a fixed interest rate for a fixed period, usually as long... read more.

What additional costs will I incur when buying a house?

When buying a house, you will have to pay additional costs besides the actual purchase price: the so-called ancillary costs... read more.

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